Approved Contractors*

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Pressure Washing:

$100 Neighborhood Special

The Cleaning Solutions offers zero pressure cleaning of the exterior of your house (excluding the roof), driveway, walkway, concrete front stoop, concrete patio, and fence.  They provide a mildeside and algaecide to keep your exterior clean for 12 months guaranteed.  Products are safe for plants, pets, and kids. 

Payment is rendered upon completion and your inspection. 

To make an appointment, call Tom Abbott at 770-899-6208.


Roll Dawg Landscaping currently maintains the Stonecroft subdivision front yards and common areas.  They are also available to service your back yard (at your own expense).  They are available for a one-time cleanup or ongoing maintenance.

Call Michael Haney at 770-315-4191 for a quote and to schedule.

Siding Repair:

Call Robert Kramer of The Trusty Hammer at 770-820-4827.


Home Depot Customer Service Desk has a service that gives you names of contractors that can paint for you (at your own expense).  Please review the Architectural Standards below first for the approved colors/style shutters and roof shingles. 


ACC Form

Approved Shutters & Roof Shingles

Before making any changes to your exterior home or  backyard, you'll first need to complete the ACC Form above and submit to the HOA for approval.

*Stonecroft has all rights to remove contractors from this list in the event our homeowners are dissatisfied with their work and provide formal, legitimate complaints to the HOA Board.


*Stonecroft is not liable for work performed by contractors on homeowners' personal property.

*Homeowners are responsible for payment of services rendered on their personal property.