2020 Dues remain at $165/quarter payable on

January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Dues can also be paid in monthly installments of $55. 

Accounts were setup with BB&T to receive your dues.  All homeowners were assigned their own 11-digit Bill Pay Account Number (i.e. 16000xxxxxx) which is listed on the quarterly invoices that are mailed to the homeowners. 

When paying by check, make check payable to Stonecroft HOA.

See section 1.a.ii. below to make payments via Debit or Credit Card.

​​The different ways to pay your dues are as follows (in order of quickest processing to slowest):

1) Online Payments

    a. Through BB&T: Go to www.BBT.com/payments and click Pay now or enroll. Enter the 11-digit Bill Pay # (i.e. 16000xxxxxx) as listed on the quarterly invoice, 8-digit Serial Acct # (i.e. 0000B607, 0000M211, or 000S1007), and 5-digit Unit # (i.e. 0B607, 0M211, or S1007).  NOTE: These are all zeros. 

Then choose from the following:

        i. Recurring automatic payments from your bank account:  BB&T will automatically withdraw $55 on/around the 3rd of each month from your account. To cancel, you will have to submit a written request to BB&T or to the Stonecroft HOA Treasurer.

**Fee Charged**  ii. One-time payment with credit card or debit card: BB&T charges 2.95% of the transaction amount for credit cards or $4.95 per transaction fee for debit cards for these methods of payment every time a payment is made.

        iii. One-time payment with eCheck: BB&T does not charge a fee for this payment method. Simply enter your bank routing and account numbers. 

    b. Through your own bank:  Login to your bank and select Bill Pay. Add Stonecroft HOA as a new Payee and choose one of the addresses (HOA or BB&T) above.  Enter the 11-digit Bill Pay # (i.e. 16000xxxxxx) as your account number and the 5-digit Unit # (i.e. 0B607, 0M211, or S1007) in the Memo line or leave blank. This can be setup either to pay automatically before the 10th of each month/quarter or when you login to pay your bill each month/quarter. A physical check is mailed so payment processing may take a couple of weeks (longer if mailed to the HOA address).

2) Pay in person: Take your check/cash and payment coupon to any BB&T branch to deposit.  A payment coupon is required for this type of deposit. Contact the Treasurer to request coupons.

3) Mail a check to:

    a. BB&T directly: 

                         BB&T Association Services

                         P.O. Box 628207

                         Orlando, FL 32862-8207

    A payment coupon is required for this type of deposit. Contact the Treasurer

    to request coupons.

    b. the HOA: 

                         Stonecroft HOA

                         P.O. Box 2285

                         Woodstock, GA 30188

    The Treasurer will complete a payment coupon and deposit at a BB&T branch.

​​If you have any questions regarding payments, call/text the Treasurer at 404-580-2106.