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Association Documents, Informational Articles, etc.


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Declaration of Protective Covenants

General HOA information is listed here for public knowledge.  HOA Annual Budgets, Quarterly Meeting Minutes, and other pertinent information is available to homeowners via a secure login page upon HOA approval.

Individual dues account and payment information is only available by contacting the Treasurer via email: or call/text your message: 404-580-2106.


Before making any changes to your exterior home or  backyard, you'll first need to complete the Architectural Modifications Form (AMF) below and submit to the HOA Board for the Architectural Control Committee review and approval or denial.

Architectural Modifications Form (AMF)

Approved Shutters & Roof Shingles

Failure to obtain proper approvals upfront may result in costly re-work if the changes are not within the HOA-approved architectural standards.


Articles of Incorporation



Parking Guidelines

Vehicles shall not be parked in any Common Driveway leading to the garages (as defined in Article XI, Section 7 of the Covenants).  Instead vehicles may park on the main streets that are maintained by the City of Woodstock so long as they are:


  • not parked against the flow of traffic,

  • not obstructing mailboxes or making it difficult for mail delivery,

  • not parked within 30 feet of a Stop Sign,

  • not parked within 15 feet of a Fire Hydrant, and

  • not parked on the grass (which could damage sprinklers).


Watch Your Speed

There are several children and people walking their dogs throughout the neighborhood.  Please slow down as you drive our streets and ask your guests to do the same!

Woodstock Leash Code

Click to view Woodstock's Leash Code for dogs.  Be courteous and pick up after your pet!  Several residents walk the neighborhood and would like to enjoy the scenery without having to look at, smell, and/or avoid dog excrement.


Garbage Cans

Store trash and recycling cans in your garage or backyard except on garbage pick-up days.  The cans may be placed curbside on Wednesday evening prior to the Thursday pick-up and should be taken in Thursday evening.  The only exceptions are holiday pick-ups.

Garage Doors

The garage door should remain closed at all times except for when you are entering or leaving in your vehicle.


Failure to correct any of the the covenant violations after receiving appropriate notification can result in a $25/day fine per violation


Our goal is to maintain a beautiful, safe, and cohesive neighborhood.

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