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Woodstock, Georgia

Located just 30 miles north of Atlanta, the suburban city of Woodstock has been named #17 of the best places to live in America.  Stonecroft subdivision is located within the Woodstock City limits.  More information can be found at

Local Service Providers

Below are the list of service providers for Stonecroft.  Click on the links below for more information and to signup for service.  Cherokee County newcomer information can also be found by clicking here but the City of Woodstock information above supersedes the County information as Stonecroft subdivision is located within the City limits.

NOTE: Each homeowner is responsible for setting up, paying, maintaining, and closing each account listed below.  The Stonecroft HOA Board is only responsible for irrigation (front yard and common areas) and electricity for light poles located in HOA private drives.



City of Woodstock

Water and Sewer are provided by the City of Woodstock.

Their office is located at:

12453 Highway 92 (across from Wal-Mart)

Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-592-6006 (report leaks M-F 8am-5pm)



To view and pay your bill online, visit: BS&A Online.

Homeowners can also view usage either online at My Water Advisor

or can download the APP on your smartphone. Homeowners can also request to be alerted of a possible leak through the APP.

**While this is a great feature, it doesn't always work properly.**

The HOA Board recommends HomeServe 855-336-2465 or HomeSafe 800-856-4414 insurance for water line breaks that occur related to your property.  See the contractors page for more information and estimated costs for each.


Cobb EMC

Electricity is provided by Cobb EMC.

To establish service, either call 770-429-2100 or visit

Image by Anthony Indraus
Garbage Truck


Waste Management

Garbage and recycling services are provided by Waste Management.

To establish service, either call 404-794-6707 or visit  

  • Quarterly rate for City of Woodstock is $43.08

  • Online bill pay

  • 96 gallon trash cart provided at sign up

  • 64 gallon single stream recycle cart provided at sign up.


Various Suppliers

There are several providers of Natural Gas. The ones recommended by the City of Woodstock are:

Atlanta Gas Light   800-427-5463

Gas South   877-332-5442

Pot on Gas Burner
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